Nicolette Davis


Dana Asper

Although Nicolette studied the field of interior design she is not exclusively right brained.  One of her main responsibilities is turning Kim's wild creativity into production.

Growing up in Chicago, she was surrounded by an ever evolving architectural scene. She likes to experiment with the relationships between the space and viewer, scale and environment, grandeur and intimacy. 

Nicolette graduated with a bachelor's degree in Interior Design and practiced at a small firm in Chicago.  After practicing for a couple years, she then moved into a project manager role for an international construction company. After one too many cold winters, Nicolette took a chance and moved to Austin, Texas. She had the opportunity to specialize in the stone industry, both on the fabrication and manufacturing side.  

Nicolette currently lives in Austin with her husband Patrick and pup Gibson. They love to travel, try different restaurants and give back to the community.