Kate Zimmerman

Photographer / Stylist

Kim Lewis

Kate is a stylist and truly gifted visual artist. Capturing the casual, yet intentional spirit behind our work, Kate is a perfect fit for this Vagabond crew. Her passion for photography goes hand in hand with her love for travel.

After she graduated with a studio art degree, Kate spent a year in Peru, where she found inspiration in their simple, beautiful culture. "There is something so energizing about seeing something for the first time, it only seemed natural to capture it through a lens." Exploring Peru triggered her adoration for other cultures.

Other than travel, Kate has developed a photography portfolio that spans from lifestyle, to interior design, to product and food.  Her most recent work has been collaborating with Madewell, Camille Styles, and Veuve Cliquot. 

She now lives in Austin with her sidekick, Hank the cowdog.  The two love hiking, road trips, and cooking! Now all she needs to do is find a way to get Hank a passport for international travel!

Kate Zimmerman Pictures