Annagae Li

Project Designer

Dana Asper

Annagae Li is a registered interior designer in the great state of Texas and is the self-proclaimed goober of the team who requires coffee to start her day.

Growing up in Texas and Hong Kong, she loves her southern roots but often craves the international hustle and bustle. Her love of traveling began at an early age and she has thrived on seeing different interpretations of interiors and the uniqueness of each space. 

Annagae has most recently worked for an award-winning commercial design firm that specializes in multi-family housing and senior living across the country. Her love for design and borderline Type A personality brings to the team a sense of balance between creativity and structure. She is personally drawn to simple and comfortable spaces involving light. Lots of natural sunlight. She is an avid believer of purpose-driven design and is thrilled to be a part of the Vagabond team that lives and breathes this belief. Prior to her career in design, Annagae worked at Four Hands, furniture manufacturer and wholesale, and is excited to be reunited with Kim Lewis and Anna Coots!

Annagae currently lives in Austin with her husband Eddie, and they thoroughly enjoy eating and drinking their way through any small town or big city. Her current travel essentials include lip balm (Burt’s Bees to be precise) and a small notepad to jot down multiple to-do lists and design inspirations.