Touch A Life

Connor Creative Art Center

Dana Asper

We believe creativity and art can heal, empower and awakens souls.

In 2012 we partnered with non-profits, Touch A Life and Connors Song, to design and build a therapeutic art center in Ghana, West Africa. Touch a Life, along with their partners in Ghana, has rescued over 90 trafficked children off Lake Volta and operates a long term care center for the kids in Ghana. 

Connor's Song was created to honor a little boy named Connor, who tragically passed at the age of 12. He loved art, Star Wars and Legos, so we designed the art center to look like 3 building blocks using local materials including concrete culverts. The architecture is symbolic. Legos are not meant to stand alone. When built together, they are strong and create something beautiful...Just like these children. Together they are stronger. 

Imagination is more important than knowledge.
— Albert Einstein
Design Collaboration with Veronica Valencia, Christian Prasch, Heather Hazelwood and Alex Lacey.