Torchy's Tacos at Minute Maid Park

Kim Lewis

Torchy's Tacos asked Kim Lewis to design their new concession stand and VIP Deck at Minute Maid Park in 2017. 


"I'll never forget standing in the empty stadium, down on home plate, looking up at the space that was to become Torchys...That moment as an artist when you're painting this picture in your head. It all came together right there from home plate! I wanted the design to make an impact from any seat in the house, so we graphically integrated the 3 stadium levels by creating a chevron shape with road reflectors. The diagonal stripes lay parallel across 3 stories, drawing your eye straight up to the marquis lit Torchy's sign."

Upon entering the space, you don't have to look too close to notice the concession stand wall is covered in custom 3D wall tiles, mimicking the iconic home plate shape. Kim called on Doreck Design to create these custom home plate tiles.

The mural, designed by Kim Lewis and Eduardo Martinez, features legendary baseball players on the front row. (Feel free to take your picture with Nolan Ryan ;) 

And if you're from our hometown of Austin, you might even recognize some familiar faces from the Torchy's team, including all Torchys Owners and their family members. 

For all construction, we worked with Dallas Easterly of DallWork Hospitality Design, Project & Construction Management.

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Photography by Ari Morales