Tiny House "Birds Nest"

Kim Lewis

Designed for FYI's "Tiny House Nation" - Watch the episode

These tiny home owners have dedicated their lives to the preservation and education of wildlife, most specifically exotic birds. For the story behind their design, I wanted to create a tiny home that felt "Gathered", like their own NEST. 

I covered the exterior with reclaimed wood pieces we salvaged from a local home on the demo list. No patterns, just random install, like a bird would build their nest. 

For the sofa cushion, we took discontinued fabric swatches and sewed them together. The windows are from the local surplus store, and metal ceiling tiles were salvaged. 

Window to the Wild, Inc., is a non-profit organization whose mission is to support global conservation projects by bringing live, interactive displays of the wonders of wildlife to engage, inspire, entertain, educate and exceed our audience's expectations.

Faux Panels provided the stone paneling in the kitchen and bathroom.
Other products:
 Stacy Furniture

Construction by:  Canyon Creek Builder