The Infinite Monkey Theorem

Kim Lewis

TIMT is an urban winery, representing a counter culture in winemaking. For the design we wanted to create a space where chaos meets reason. As if you stumbled into an abandoned military barrack from the mid-century, or inside the mind of a creative genius... Many of the elements in the art are showing the process of wine-making through scientific formula.

Reclaimed electronics are piled on the bar back, symbolizing the evolution of time and 'reason' amongst chaos. Many of the furniture pieces were purchased off of Craigslist, and are original mid-century pieces. Vintage games are found throughout the bar to send us back in time. Guests are found playing 1950s NY Times crossword puzzles on an old school projector.
The newspaper room, featuring actual articles from the mid-century, and is meant to reflect a sense of paranoia, like the office of Professor John Nash from the film, "A Beautiful Mind."

Featured graffiti artists were given free reign: Miles Starkey of Austin and Robin Munro "Dread" of Denver
Photos by Courtney Pierce.