Infinite Monkey Theorem Aurora

Kim Lewis

Inside the IMT space at Stanley Marketplace, we wanted to keep the casual, eclectic, and nostalgic spirit of the Infinite Monkey Theorem brand, while embracing the history of the original architecture.  The Stanley Marketplace sits right by the site of the original Denver airport’s main runway, so we pulled a bit of inspiration from the vintage aviation world. 

The furniture is a mix of leather Chesterfield sofas, wooden stump stools, acrylic ghost chairs, vintage Middle Eastern rugs and modern brass stools.

This room actually used to be the Break Room for the aviation team. In fact, while working on the space, an patron from the old Stanley plane testing days came in and showed us where he used to sit, eat his packed lunch and watch the test planes take off from the runway.

History like this is something you share, embrace and feature. Designing this space was an honor!