Gone Glamping

Dana Asper

With autumn setting in and the hunting season upon us, weekend adventures outdoors can be fun for everyone in the family! 

It’s funny ... one of my first weekends back in Texas, this year, was spent with my best friend (also from Tyler) and we went boutique shopping in the morning and to a shooting range in the afternoon. If there’s one thing people know, it’s don’t mess with women in the South!  So I want to know. Who says camping is for men only? Ladies have you heard of “Glamping?” 

You might be thinking; how on earth is camping ever glamorous? “Glam” here does not equate to gold and glitter … it’s more about style and bringing some creature comforts of home to the open air of nature. As a Vagabond Designer, I’ve learned how to take just enough with me on trips to make wherever I am feel like home. The same principle applies to “glamping.”





Glamping is all about location, location, location. Find a plot of land with an inspiring view, whether you’re over the river, through the woods, on the lake or in the desert. The idea here is to spend time with nature. Get out of your comfort zone. So, maybe you are headed out to your family deer lease for a weekend? No problem, find the best spot and claim your stake. If time and resources are limited, not to worry! You can honestly go glamping anywhere. 



Herein lies the key difference between camping and glamping. While there is nothing wrong with camping in a Coleman, picture one of these and tell me you aren’t curious? A canvas safari tent in Utah, a circus tent in Georgia, a yurt in Marfa, an airstream in Austin or a tree house in Costa Rica.

Glamping is all about exploring and experiencing nature in a beautiful setting, with some of the comforts you would find at home:  Getting out of your comfort zone, with a few creature comforts in your bag. Create your own temporary sanctuary under the stars.

Check out glamping.com for a list of locations around the world. For Texas specific, glampinghub.com will provide great options. 

If you can venture to southwest Texas, I highly recommend El Cosmico in Marfa. They have this incredible mix of safari tents, airstreams, teepees and a yurt, all nestled around a hammock grove where you’ll fall asleep swinging under the trees. This summer I ventured there and stayed in a 1956 Airstream with my dog, Riley. Folks, life doesn’t get much better than that. El Cosmico has an outdoor bath area, complete with private outdoor showers and a vintage claw foot tub under the metal tin roof. An outdoor picnic area and kitchen allow guests to cook up their own meals, without having to buy your own camping cookware. 


Here’s what to bring and why: 

1. A hammock:  Ultimate relaxation. 2. Your favorite coffee mug:  Why change your morning ritual? (Mine is an old blue enamel cup I bought at the Brooklyn flea market for $4.) 3. Old school plaid thermos:  Baby, it’s cold outside. 4. Journal:  Nature will inspire you to reflect (detox from your smart phone)! 5. Pendleton blanket:  Cozy up in style. 6. Crosley radio: Good tunes make for a great time (battery operated  vintage style radio.) 7. Felt or Straw hat: Simple, effortless accessory to make you feel pretty, even on the muddy river banks. 8. Lantern: To light the way. 9.Binoculars: Get up close and personal with nature. 10. Butterfly chair: Comfort meets style. 11. Sunglasses: A must have for fun in the sun.

Most of this stuff, you already have at home, right? 

For functionally stylish camping accessories, check out Bush Smarts (bushsmarts.com).

For families who like to go camping once or twice a year, but don’t want to invest in all the camping gear, glamping is a great vacation option. 


Guys, I know what you might be thinking…"This all sounds too frilly and fancy for me! What’s wrong with my Coleman tent?" 

My response: Absolutely nothing.

However, I have driven through those state parks with pitched tents one row after another, and honestly, that does not look like adventure to me! Personally, I love going off the beaten path. 

Whether you’re a guy or girl, we all have an inner pioneer, explorer, huntsman, gatherer, adventurer or even hippie inside of us. Getting out of your comfort zone, and being thrown into nature is healthy and humbling. 

The irony in glamping is this:  When you bring a few creature comforts from home, you’ll find that someone who might not normally venture to unfamiliar territory, finds themself crossing the tracks to a newfound spirit of adventure. There’s a beautiful collision of balance that happens when we surround ourselves with familiar things from home in the open elements of nature.

That, my friends, is what glamping is all about!

Guest post by Kim Lewis originally published on BSCENEMag.