Touch a Life

"Selah" Floating Art Center

Kim Lewis

From a funky lego art center in Ghana to a peaceful boat floating on Cambodian waters, "Selah" will be the next Art Center we are designing for Touch A Life

Located just outside a Rapha House facility in Battambang, we are designing this traditional Cambodian house boat to be a safe, inspiring place for healing through creative expression. Rapha House exists to love, rescue, and heal children who have been rescued from trafficking and sexual exploitation.

In 2014, Kim traveled to Cambodia with Pam Cope and Nan Deal. With boots on the ground, we saw the streets of Cambodia, and were shaken to the core.

The sexual exploitation of young girls and women there is bone chilling. The girls we met need to be reminded they are worthy of love. They are worth fighting for. Our hope is these young ladies will find hope, healing and dream-catching in this new art center. 

Construction will take place in 2016.