Ashanti Seamstresses

Dana Asper

Patience and Janet are helping us produce the Pocket Change Collection by adorning tees and tanks with remnant Kente cloth, a traditional ceremonial textile hand-loomed in the Ashanti region of West Africa. 

Patience is a joy to be around. Since she was young her dream was to become a seamstress. She also loves making jewelry with recycled glass beads. Janet loves to sew and make clothes. To achieve her dream, she is currently doing an apprenticeship in Kete Krachi. Her favorite color is yellow! 

Kim Lewis met Patience & Janet while building the Connor Creative Art Center with Touch A Life in 2012. These young women are some of the first generation to rise from the Touch A Life Care Center, and proof that the Connor Creative Art Center is not only fostering creativity, but empowering young entrepreneurs. It's an honor to support their dreams. 

Photography by Nancy Borowick