Sharing Stories

We travel with the intent to gather ... partnerships, memories, friendships - and stories, from all corners of the world. We want to share these stories with you; to support them; to help preserve them.

Preserving Craft

Our artisan partners have a strong commitment to their craft. We value their unique perspectives, craftsmanship & techniques. We strive to help keep their traditions alive and to share them with others.


Quality, Not Quantity 

We work in small batches - all pieces in our Product Collection are one-of-a-kind and are handcrafted by people who love what they do. Each piece has it's own character.

Healthy Wages

It's important to us that we help our artisans to thrive. We want to make their craftsmanship accessible to others, and pay them healthy wages to do what they love. We believe everyone deserves to be paid a fair wage. 

Sustainable Partnerships 

We aim to develop long-term, mutually beneficial relationships between our designers and our artisans by bringing income to their communities in return for well-crafted handmade goods.